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Lee Valley Veritas Shelf-Pin Drilling Jig
Lee Valley Veritas Shelf-Pin Drilling Jig 2011-10-07 15:14:58 WOOD Magazine
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WOOD Magazine Reviewed by WOOD Magazine    October 07, 2011
Last updated: January 20, 2012
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Veritas Shelf-Pin Drilling Jig

Although it’s a lot to pay for a shelf-pin jig, the Veritas offers far greater versatility than plastic-template jigs. It comes with drilling bushings in 10 sizes, giving you more choices for shelf pins than you’ll probably ever need. The hardened bushings fit into a small carrier that mounts to the rails and ensures holes drilled square to the wood surface. When we needed to drill more holes inline with those just made, it was easy to align using the two brass indexing pins. This jig’s 24"-long guide rails can be located anywhere along the self-clamping perpendicular clamp rods to place pins as near or far from the edges as wanted. The included rods clamp workpieces up to 12" wide, but we recommend getting at least one set of optional long rods that extend the width capacity to 24" ($14) or 36" ($16).

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