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Use your hand-held router and this jig to make precise dado joints quickly. Built from a solid piece of aluminum, this router jig allows you to make dados, rabbets and mortises up to 2" wide in exact 1/16" increments. It will work with any 2" wide straight edge clamp and comes with one 3/4" brass template guide and locking ring. Does not include clamp-n-guide.

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Infinity Precision Dado Jig 2011-10-18 19:11:36 WOOD Magazine
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WOOD Magazine Reviewed by WOOD Magazine    October 18, 2011
Last updated: January 19, 2012
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Dial-in dead-on dadoes, grooves, and rabbets

Infinity’s Precision Router Dado Jig delivers just what it promises: precise dadoes, grooves, and rabbets. This aluminum jig adjusts to fit any straightedge guide up to 5/8" thick and 2-5/16" wide, and glides smoothly against it with ball bearings. Mount the included 3/4" guide bushing in your router, fit it into the jig, and then rout a channel with the desired bit. For channels wider than the bit, simply use the microad- juster on the jig to move the router without moving the guide. The scale and cursor on the jig make it easy to return to this setting later.

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