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Fernbrook Dust-Collector Remote Control

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The hand-held Multi Controller has a second set of buttons to control other wood working machinery. You may wish to extend the system to control a second wood working machine -- like a dust collector, shop vac, air compressor, exhaust fan or other device, either 110vac or 220vac. The arrow buttons at the bottom of the controller are used to control the speed of air filtration motors when used with the Speed Control Module.

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Fernbrook Smart Switch Dust-Collector Remote Control

With the Fernbrook system a single remote controls both the dust collector and air-filtration unit. For $50 the basic unit controls the dust collector; to add air-filtration control (or even an exhaust fan) you need to buy an accessory 110-volt outlet for single-speed machines or a toggle switch—that replaces your outlet—for variable-speed air cleaners ($30–$40 each). With the latter, you can then control the air cleaner’s speed with the remote as well. We hooked up a 220-volt collector to the Smart Switch and had it running in just a few minutes. For the air cleaner you'll have to replace a wall outlet with the RM1102 Relay Module—essentially just changing outlets. Now we can run both machines whenever necessary, for as long as required, with just a touch on the remote. And, it even works from up to 200' away.

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